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When a person goes into business, one thing that is addressed is the design and décor of the business space.  While this can seem like an inconsequential detail, it actually can have a lot to do with the impression that your business makes on a potential customer. A customer may be attracted to a business subconsciously, just based on the décor alone. While this can be an asset, the décor, including furniture and upholstery, can be a liability if it’s not properly protected and treated with fire retardants.  Those pieces can be a significant fire hazard if the right precautions are overlooked.

Staying in a hotel signals an event out of the norm, something a little special. Even if it’s just for a work trip, it can be a refreshing break of pace. When we stay in hotels, we’re usually not thinking about all the details that need to be attended to that make our stay not just comfortable but also safe. If you’re in the hotel or motel industry, you know first-hand what’s involved. One concern of primary importance to both hotel guests and employees is fire safety and prevention. By looking at some common factors in hotel and motel fires, we can better protect both human life and property.

When it comes to having the largest choice and the best restaurants in the world, you cannot top New York City. Pick any block and you’ll see dozens of restaurants, serving food from every continent. The restaurant industry is not only a major tourist attraction but also a huge contributor to the local NYC economy. For these reasons, as well as for the safety and protection of the public, fire safety in eating and drinking establishments is of primary importance. Because of this, business owners need to be aware of the primary threats of fire and how to combat them.


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