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When you go to an athletic event, you rarely think a fire will break out. Typically, most stadiums follow a tight protocol to protect its visitors from all risks of fire. However, there are certain sets of circumstances that are 'perfect storms.' If you attend sporting events - whether it's pro, minor-league, local teams, or your own kids' sports teams, it's a good idea for you to be aware of how fast a fire can erupt and what precautions to take. Today, we are going to look at a fire that broke out at an outdoor soccer stadium in Bradford, England and learn a few lessons.

For most people, the winter season is either ‘love it or hate it.’ However you happen to feel about it, you still need to be aware of the potential dangers of the winter season. With the cold weather comes our need for heat, and within that are untold and often hidden dangers. Today, we want to make sure your homes and businesses are protected from fire and other hazards during the winter months.


If you think about a fire occurring in a neighborhood and how that can impact an entire community, well, it's a scary thought. It can feel like there is no possible way to safeguard ourselves from every potential fire threat. Even if you personally practice smart fire safety, you can still be impacted by a neighbor or business who doesn't. So, how do we combat the threats that can impact us all? That's the topic of today's discussion: a community approach to fire safety and prevention.

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