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If you think about a fire occurring in a neighborhood and how that can impact an entire community, well, it's a scary thought. It can feel like there is no possible way to safeguard ourselves from every potential fire threat. Even if you personally practice smart fire safety, you can still be impacted by a neighbor or business who doesn't. So, how do we combat the threats that can impact us all? That's the topic of today's discussion: a community approach to fire safety and prevention.

New York City, among other things, is world-famous for its second-to-none entertainment. In Manhattan, we offer concerts, theater, plays in the park, local bands in night clubs, Comic-Con - something for every entertainment interest. However, inherent with providing this level of entertainment are the risks that come with having so many people in one location. When hundreds and thousands of individuals are gathered in one spot, the ability to provide a safe atmosphere is an incredible challenge. One area specifically that must be addressed when the masses come together is fire safety.

Living and working in New York City is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have. Thinking globally, a very small percentage of people have this privilege, even though NYC is one of the largest and most commercialized cities in the world. While the culture, food and tourist experiences here are second to none, there are also certain challenges that come with living and working in such an urban area like Manhattan. Along with that comes special challenges of fire safety and prevention that are an integral part of urban cities.

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