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Thanks to science and technology these days, we are so much more informed as to what is healthy and safe for our bodies and the environment. We take great care to know what is in the foods we eat, the cleaners we use, and the materials that come in contact with our skin and body.  As a result, many business owners have concerns as to the substances used in fire retardant spray. They wonder if the fireproofing materials are harmful to the air that they, their customers, and their employees breathe. They have concerns regarding whether or not the flame resistant spray is hazardous to the body, should a customer come in contact with a fire retardant fabric or material. Manhattan Flameproofing is here to assure you of the safety of the products we use to apply flame retardants.


When you decided to start a business, chances are that it came out of a love and passion for something in particular: food, acting, music, science, marketing, etc.  Sometimes, the legal aspects of running a business can dampen your enthusiasm and feel like it is taking you away from what you love to do. However, ensuring that you are compliance with the law is a necessary aspect of running a business. Having your establishment receive a flame resistant treatment would fall under this category. While flameproofing is primarily a safety issue, there are many legal aspects involved as well.

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