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Have you ever heard of the saying, "Those who don't learn from history will be doomed to repeat it"? This idea comes from writer George Santayana, and while it can carry a tone of foreboding, it also calls out to instruct us as well. The wise ones are those who look at history and learn the lessons it teaches. From history, we can learn what things work well and what things are mistakes that should not be repeated.  This concept has direct application to fire safety. In America's history, there have been several devastating fires. As good students of the past, we can study those fires, see mistakes that were made, and take precautions not to do those very same things.  One recent fire that has many lessons for us is the Station Nightclub fire in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

There are few things that strike fear in our hearts like hearing about a fire. When one occurs in a public setting like a hotel or a theater, the potential for all kinds of devastation increases greatly. In our country's history, there have been several fires that would be considered disastrous. In order to learn from history, we must look at the causes of some of these fires and see what we can do differently. As we continue with our case studies of various fires in U.S. history, today we will look at the Winecoff Hotel fire that took place in Atlanta, Georga in 1946.

When we are trying to figure out the best ways to prevent a fire, one strategy to use is to flip sides and look at the causes of fires. In doing this, we are able to understand the root of what happened and take steps in avoiding those very same actions. As we scrutinize certain tragic fires in U.S. history, we can ascertain the best steps for fire prevention. We've gotten wiser over the years, and many regulations are now in place that can help prevent or minimize damage due to fires. A significant fire that we can learn from is one that occurred in 1903 in Chicago, IL.  This fire took place at the Iroquois Theater.  This fire is considered one of the most devastating fires in American history, and if we are wise, we can learn from this tragedy.

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