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One of the most exciting things about running a business is hosting special events - the promotions and celebrations we put out for the public that drive business and raise enthusiasm. There are all kinds of preparation that take place for this - including the design of sets and props and scenery in order to stage the event attractively.  While there are so many details to consider for a special event, on your planning list should be the item of fire safety - flameproofing, in particular.  Did you know that even temporary structures need to be flameproofed? Today we will be discussing the particulars of fireproofing as it pertains to temporary scenery, decorations, and structures.

We all know what it's like to watch the news and get that sinking feeling when we see a devastating fire occur. It's a natural first question to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent it.  Thankfully, there are many fires we never see on the news because fire safety preventative measures actually were taken. Flameproofing is one of those preventative steps that doesn't always get a lot of attention because it's actually doing its job - stopping fires from occurring in the first place. Business owners in the NYC area are required to have the decorative items on their property flameproofed, but many have questions about the process. Flameproofing is a fairly straightforward process, but there are particular guidelines that must be followed in order to meet the FDNY's approval. Today's article will answer many of those questions about the particulars of flameproofing.

If you are considering having your place of business flameproofed as required by the FDNY, you may have some questions.  You may be wondering exactly which items in your building need to be treated with fire retardants?  While the idea of 'decorations' that need to be treated can seem a little fuzzy, we are here to clarify exactly what you need to have treated.  If you have a business where the public gathers, you would fall into the category of needing to have decorations in your location properly flameproofed.

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