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It can be overwhelming for a business owner to think about trying to navigate the maze of FDNY fire safety regulations.  There are so many things to be addressed, and it may always feel like something is going to fall through the cracks.  One sub-category in the area of fire safety is flameproofing.  FDNY requires that decorative items or items used for artistic enhancement in business establishments be treated with flame retardants if they are not otherwise inherently flame resistant. A business owner must be able to demonstrate that these requirements have been met by obtaining a valid affidavit.  These are 2 different sets of requirements, and today we are discussing the affidavit that is needed for materials that are inherently non-combustible.

Being in possession of a flameproofing affidavit is a big deal for a business owner.  If a business owner is found to be in violation by not having this affidavit or having an expired one, it can mean big trouble. Not only would that put customers and employees at greater risk if there were a fire, but more than likely, the business will be shut down until one is obtained.  One aspect of having an affidavit of flame resistance covers the treatment of decorative materials on location that are not inherently non-combustible. Today we will be discussing what needs to be on this affidavit, to make sure it satisfies the requirements of the FDNY and keeps your business operational.

We New Yorkers love a good Broadway show, don't we? As those who live and work in Manhattan, the theater is close to our hearts. While we are enjoying these incredible performances, it's highly unlikely that we are even thinking about how combustible some of these amazing sets and scenery could be if they weren't properly flameproofed.  In the U.S., there have been several cases of devastating fires in theaters. Because sets and scenery are changed so often from performance to performance - and even within performances - it could be easy to lose track of what's been flameproofed and what needs to be flameproofed.  However, fireproofing scenery is an FDNY safety regulation, and today we will be discussing all the details.

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