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Fire safety has come a long way over the years, and the degree to which we can protect ourselves should a fire occur has grown in leaps and bounds. One element of fire safety, especially for public gathering places, is flameproofing.  However, while this treatment is extremely effective in preventing the spread of fire, there are certain limitations - both to the flameproofing process as well as the field flame test that follows.

So you've done your research, followed FDNY regulations and had your business location flameproofed. How do you know that the treatment that was performed is actually effective?

Enter the field flame test.

Once materials at a business property have been properly treated with flame repellents, they need to undergo a field flame test to ensure that they are actually indeed fire resistant.  This test will be performed by a valid C-15 Certificate of Fitness holder, likely the same company that performed the fireproofing treatments at your establishment.  The field flame test is only to be performed by a C-15 Certificate of Fitness holder, to ensure that the test is done accurately, safely, and that no property damage is incurred during the test - and, of course, to make sure a real fire isn't started in the process.

As a business owner, one of the most important behind-the-scenes things you can prepare for is public safety.  While there are so many aspects to public safety, one that should be (and needs to be) considered is fire safety  - and more specifically, flameproofing.  Flameproofing an establishment is one of the top things you can do to protect the public and your property should there be an unfortunate fire. For most, knowledge about the process and requirements of flameproofing is probably way out in left field, but having just a little education in this area can ensure that your place of business will be properly fireproofed according to FDNY standards.

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