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As we are going about our day from place to place, most of us aren’t really thinking about how safe these places are. We sort of assume that the stores, subways, office buildings, and restaurants are up to the legally required standards and are safe for us to enter. This also can apply when we travel as well - we are trusting that the management of hotels, airports, etc. has seen to all the safety requirements. But when we are talking about hotels specifically, while this hasn’t always been the case (The Winecoff Hotel fire in Atlanta is one example), there are certain specifications that hotels are required to follow if they’re to be considered safe and operational.

As business owners and those who come in contact with the public on a regular basis, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re protecting them from the threat of fires while they’re on our premises. A business owner needs to make sure he or she is compliant with all public safety regulations and fire prevention standards. We, as a flameproofing company, need to make sure we are thoroughly and correctly treating decorative materials such as drapes, curtains, greenery, upholstered furniture, etc. with fire retardants. Yet, even with all these safety measures in place, accidents still may happen. The general public actually has a role in their own fire safety as well. Today we’ll be discussing NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommendations that the everyday business patrons can employ while visiting local businesses.

An accidental fire can happen much faster than anyone typically imagines.  It just takes a string of a few unfortunate or coincidental events, and the outbreak of a fire can turn into a horrible catastrophe.  Because of the devastating effects of fire, it's so important that every measure is taken to be protected from fire.  This can take place through many means - smoke detectors, automatic sprinklers, flame retardant materials and fabrics.  But did you know there are additional actions you can add to the fire safety and flameproofing protocol? You can add another layer of protection by using flame retardant paints and coatings.

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