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It’s a no brainer that when a fire erupts, it’s a devastating and scary event.  But have you ever given much thought to how a fire actually starts? If we’re smart, we know a few rules about fire prevention, and on some level, most of us practice the basics of fire safety. But having some extra information about how a fire begins can actually benefit us in our fire protection measures.


When we hear about fires, we mostly hear about them in somewhat general terms: "There was a fire at so-and-so building and some property was damaged and some people sustained injuries."  But we typically don't hear about the numbers that tell the true story of the impact that fires have. Thankfully, severe fires aren't that occur every day, largely in part to fire prevention measures and education, including flameproofing practices that are performed by companies like Manhattan Flameproofing. Today, however, we're going to be talking about some specific statistics relating to the extensiveness of fires in our country today.

There’s absolutely nothing like the theater industry in New York City. World-renowned for its performances and architecture, theaters remain an enormous tourist attraction and source of revenue for theater owners. Because of the high level of traffic that goes through these buildings every year, it’s of great importance that they are protected to the highest degree from the threat of fire. Theater owners have a great responsibility to make sure that they’ve done their due diligence in protecting their theater from the possibility of a fire breaking out. Today,  we will be discussing just how they can do that.


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