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What You'll Find on the Materials Data Sheet

In a culture that can have any bit of information at our fingertips within mere seconds, it's become something of an inherent expectation that we be provided any data we are seeking.  At Manhattan Flameproofing, we understand this reality, and we know how important it is to be as accommodating as possible. When it comes to flameproofing, at times business owners will have concerns regarding the chemicals and products we use in the treatment process. They want to know if they're toxic, safe for the public, and safe for the environment. While we assure our customers that all of the chemicals we use are water-based, non-toxic and approved by the FDNY, sometimes more information is requested.  We can easily comply with this request by providing a materials data sheet.

If there are specific aspects pertaining to the chemicals we use, we can provide those facts via the materials data sheet. 

Below is the information you'll find on a sheet created for each of the chemicals we use.



Product Identification: The product ID as well as the chemical family

Hazardous Ingredients: Any dangerous ingredients in the chemicals, as per OSHA

Physical Data: Qualities including weight per gallon, water solubility, appearance, specific gravity, boiling point, pH levels 

Fire and Explosion Hazard Data: Procedures for fire-fighting, flash point, and extinguishing media

Health Hazard Data: Carcinogen information, procedures for First Aid, effects on eyes and skin, effects if ingested, bodily points of entry 

Reactivity Data: Reactions as a result of interacting with other elements

Spill or Leakage Procedures: Methods for treating spills, leaks, releases, and waste disposal

Special Protection Information: Protective measures for harmful ingredients, eyes, gloves, engineering controls, solubility measures 

Special Precautions: Cautionary safety measures for storage and other handling 

Regulatory Information: DOT and EPA regulations


At Manhattan Flameproofing, we understand the concerns that business owners have regarding the chemicals we use; we stand behind fully disclosing all relevant information to any business owner who asks. We know this information is vital to your preparedness and peace of mind.  We are happy to provide material data sheets upon request.  If you have questions regarding the chemicals we use or any other question relating to the flameproofing process, we would be happy to talk with you. Please call today and also receive a free, no-obligation estimate: 1-800-268-7993.



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