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The Essentials of Fire Community Risk Reduction

If you think about a fire occurring in a neighborhood and how that can impact an entire community, well, it's a scary thought. It can feel like there is no possible way to safeguard ourselves from every potential fire threat. Even if you personally practice smart fire safety, you can still be impacted by a neighbor or business who doesn't. So, how do we combat the threats that can impact us all? That's the topic of today's discussion: a community approach to fire safety and prevention.

If a community wants to experience the maximum level of fire protection and safety, it needs to be all hands on deck - everyone who has a stake in the community must do his or her share, even if it's just keeping his own property safe. All the people - residents, business owners, first responders, city planners, etc. - everyone who lives and works in a community must work together. All the links must be strong for there to be a reliable chain of protection.

 You might be thinking about the things that a community needs to consider when they want to be more proactive in reducing fire risks in their area. Fortunately, the NFPA put together the 5 Es of Community Risk Reduction - elements that are essential for fire safety in a community. These necessities should be discussed as a community group and then plans made for their implementation. There 5 Es are the following:

  1. Enforcement: Passing, strengthening and enforcing laws or rules to reduce risks and create a safer community
  2. Engineering: Technological solutions and materials to reduce the risks of a fire
  3. Emergency Response: Addition or enhancement of emergency response in order to provide better protection
  4. Economic Incentives: Offering certain incentives to motivate people to engage in safer behaviors and habits
  5. Education: Education for the public about fire risks to positively affect their knowledge, attitudes, awareness, and behaviors

It's true that community risk assessment and the plans that follow can be an involved process and one that takes time, but addressing these questions is a fantastic start. All it takes is a few concerned citizens to set up a meeting among community members to get the ball rolling. It wouldn't take long at all to reap the benefits of a discussion like this. And, the NFPA has many resources available!

At Manhattan Flameproofing, we are aware of the value of a community approach. It's in everyone's best interest to see that the circle of fire protection in a neighborhood or community is strong at every level. We are proud to play our part in protecting Manhattan and the Greater Metro NY area through our flameproofing services. When fabrics, upholstery, curtains, drapes and decorative items are treated with fire retardants, it greatly reduces the chances of a fire blazing out of control.

If your business has questions about community risk reduction or about anything pertaining to fire safety or flameproofing, give us a call. We'd love to chat with you. We'd be pleased to partner with you in protecting our great city and offer you a free, no-obligation quote: 1-800-268-7993 


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