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Important Tips for Winter Fire Safety

For most people, the winter season is either ‘love it or hate it.’ However you happen to feel about it, you still need to be aware of the potential dangers of the winter season. With the cold weather comes our need for heat, and within that are untold and often hidden dangers. Today, we want to make sure your homes and businesses are protected from fire and other hazards during the winter months.



The first order of action has to do with flammable items. Any object that can catch fire should be a minimum of 3 feet away from heating equipment such as space heaters, furnaces, etc. It's also wise to make sure there is nothing that would be too close to the heating ducts as well.

Next, a professional needs to install as well as maintain heating equipment. Lots of projects around the home and office could be DIY, but anything that has to do with a potential fire hazard like heating isn't one of them. Having things inspected by a professional makes sure that all equipment is up to code, as per the FDNY and the Building Department. 

Next, when the seasons change and the HVAC systems are switched from air conditioning to heat, they should be inspected and cleaned. Some parts could have inadvertently been damaged over the summer, and there needs to be a check for that. Air filters should be replaced as well.

Another hazard that needs to be watched for is space heaters. Any portable heater absolutely needs to be turned off at the end of the day. The office or workplace should have a system set up where someone is responsible for doing a check on these heaters when the office closes, to make sure they're turned off and unplugged.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should also be tested each month and installed according to specifications. While we can often smell smoke, carbon monoxide is odorless and it is generated from fuel-burning heat equipment. Therefore, it is critical that these detectors are in proper working order.

Finally, see to it that your flameproofing treatments are current. If there were a fire, flameproofed objects and materials (decorative items and fabrics such as curtains, drapes, carpets, upholstery, etc.) are no longer combustible and do not contribute to the spread and severity of a fire. With fire retardant treatments up to date, valuable emergency evacuation time is extended, which saves lives and provides ample opportunity for firefighters to arrive.

Implementing these winter fire safety tips is a huge help in protecting your business site when the A/C goes off and the heat goes on.  Simple tips - yes. But lifesaving.

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