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Flameproofing Terms You Want to Be Familiar With

As a business owner, chances are you needed to undergo a certain amount of schooling or experience in your particular field in order to be considered the expert that you are. There’s a particular confidence that we have when we are with other colleagues and have an understanding of what’s being discussed.  However, it can be disconcerting when you are outside your field of expertise and feel a little lost when words and terms are being used that you don’t comprehend – especially if it concerns something in your business. This is a possibility when you are in need of flameproofing treatments at your place of business, and you are unsure of the terminology being used.

Today, we want to help you feel a little more in the know and provide you with a ‘cheat sheet’ of some common terms in the flameproofing field.  Then, when you are discussing the treatments that need to be performed, you will have a frame of reference and understanding. 

Affidavit of Flame Resistance – Certificate that needs to be filed with the FDNY before any artistic or decorative objects may be installed on location.

Affidavit of Fire Retardant Treatment – Certificate that needs to be filed with the Bureau of Fire Prevention after decorative objects have been installed or reinstalled following fireproofing. This needs to be submitted within 10 days.

Affidavit of Inherently Flame Resistant Material – (Also called a Certificate of Flame Resistance) Certificate that needs to be filed with the Bureau of Fire Prevention for materials or objects that are inherently flame resistant and subsequently do not require fireproofing.  This also needs to be filed within 10 days following installation.

Decorations – Materials or objects that are for the acoustic, aesthetic, and artistic improvement of an interior location, i.e. art, banners, curtains, drapes, fabrics, greens, etc.  An interior finish object that is used for acoustic purposes does not fall under this category.

Flame Retardant Coating – A coating that is applied to the outside surface of a material, allowing it to slowly burn, resulting in flame resistance. 

Flame Retardant Treatment – An FDNY-approved process where an object is coated or soaked in flame repellents, causing it to be resistant to flames.

Flame Resistant Material – Also known as fire-resistive material.  A fabric or material that can withstand fire, heat and prevents heat penetration. This material will burn at a slower rate due to the soaking or coating in fire retardants or because it is inherently flame resistant. This material has passed the field flame test, such as NFPA 705 Test 1 or Test 2.

Flame Retardant Material – Also known as fire retardant material.  A material or fabric that will burn slowly when it comes in contact with a flammable product.

Scenery – An item or material that is present on stage for performances such as live theater, artistic or musical shows. In this category are backdrops, teasers, side tabs, rigid flats, scrim or borders, set pieces, etc. Not included are costumes.

Special Effects – Audio or visual effects whose intent is display or entertainment, which are created from combustible, explosive, or flammable devices, including pyrotechnics or fireworks 1.4 G (Fireworks 1.3G are excluded).

Tent – A membrane construction that is not pressurized, is a protective shield from the weather that is made of cloth, is erected by guys and poles, and isn’t a contributor to the stability of the structure.  Closed-in sides are not mandated.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but this should provide some common terminology that might be helpful.  Being familiar with the lingo in a field outside your own is helpful and can also protect you from various and costly unknowns.

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