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Fires in Industrial or Manufacturing Locations

As one of the booming economies on the planet, Manhattan is home to thousands of businesses. All kinds of enterprises take place on this island daily, which includes all kinds of industry and manufacturing. No one ever really thinks that a fire can take place at his or her particular business, but sadly, fires that range in all levels of severity occur on a regular basis. Today we are going to look at a study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regarding fires that occur in industrial or manufacturing properties.


The particular study that we will be citing from took place from 2011-2015. During that time period, there were close to 40,000 fires that occurred at manufacturing or industrial locations. As for losses of both human life and property, there were 16 civilian deaths, 273 civilian injuries, and an astounding $ 1.2 billion in property damages. 

Structure fires were the main culprit in these losses, accounting for 49% of civilian deaths, 80% of civilian injuries, and 67% of property damages, while being responsible for only 20% of the fires during that time. In these structural fires, electric and lighting did the most damage, resulting in 24% of the total. Heating was the cause in structural fires in 15% of the total occurrences.

Of all the structural fires, outside or unclassified fires were responsible for 71% of the time, with $265 million in property damages each year, while vehicle fires were the causes for 9% of industrial or manufacturing fires, with $125 million in damages each year.

It requires a lot of vigilance on the part of business owners to keep their property safe and protected from fires. As industry and manufacturing are alive and well in New York City, it is wise to take as many precautions as possible. Flameproofing is just one piece of the fire prevention puzzle, but it is one that is critical to keeping customers, employees, as well as property, protected from fire. Having certain items treated with fire retardants aids in reducing the spread and severity of a fire should one occur.

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