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Fire Safety Challenges in Urban Areas

Living and working in New York City is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have. Thinking globally, a very small percentage of people have this privilege, even though NYC is one of the largest and most commercialized cities in the world. While the culture, food and tourist experiences here are second to none, there are also certain challenges that come with living and working in such an urban area like Manhattan. Along with that comes special challenges of fire safety and prevention that are an integral part of urban cities.

A large urban area is defined as having a population of 250,000. With over 1.6 million people living in Manhattan, we more than qualify! However, there are certain hurdles that are inherent in urban locations. The increase in the elderly community, those with disabilities, immigrants, as well as those in poverty can impact fire safety on both large and small scales.

The fire departments that serve large areas also have particular challenges. These can include high crime-areas, limited resources, dealing with large, city-wide institutions and bureaucracies, communicating with those in multi-cultural communities, and helping business owners and residents see the need for fire safety practices.

When you look at some data pertaining to fires in urban areas, there are interesting statistics. First, compared to other places, arson and intentional fires are highest in large cities. Also, when it comes to main causes of fires in these urban areas, electrical equipment is the primary cause, especially in older cities.

When discussing community risk reduction in these urban cities, a task force designed for this purpose encourages the implementation of the 5 Es: 

1. Education regarding fire safety and prevention

2. Enforcement of legislation and fines for non-compliance

3. Engineering of new technologies and products

4. Effective Emergency response and training

5. Economic incentives including both fines, tax credits, and free installations

Along these lines, one of the most useful things a business owner can do in Manhattan to keep his business property safe is to see that he or she is up to date with his flameproofing services.  All of these measures are imperative factors in fire prevention, but flameproofing is something that can help save lives and property should a fire occur, in those critical moments while waiting for the fire department to arrive.  Items that have received flameproofing treatments with fire retardant chemicals will burn, but will not contribute to the spread and severity of a fire, being that they are non-combustible.  This greatly minimizes both the loss of property and human life.

Manhattan Flameproofing has been serving our city as well as the entire New York City Metro area, reaching out to the surrounding urban locations. If you have flameproofing needs, we would be happy to serve you and assist in protecting your business from the threat of fire. Our professional staff is here to meet your needs. Please call us today to discuss your questions and receive a free, no-obligation estimate:  1-800-268-7993 

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