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When we think of our communities, it's hard to imagine one without a library. Libraries provide neighborhoods with incredibly important services that go way beyond reading books: computer access, educational activities and services, and a chance to make friends with others in the community. We can't even picture something threatening occurring somewhere as innocuous as a library, but as with any place where the public gathers, the risk is there. One risk that would seem unimaginable is a fire, but in fact, it could (and does) happen. Today, we will look at a fire that occurred out in California about 35 years ago.

When we talk about big business in the United States, instantly what comes to mind is retail. Service, products, goods – that’s the raw material the American dream for many people. In a capitalist country, you can use your creativity to make money. However when people start a business, they often envision a successful future, which is good, but the reality is that sometimes devastating events can happen, things that are not in our control. Both on large and small scales, these events can truly impact a business. Today we’re going to see how fires in particular have impacted the retail industry, with hopes of learning a few lessons to prevent them in the future.

Community centers play such a vital role in our city. Neighborhoods use these buildings as gathering places and places of education, and they serve the communities on many levels. However, as in any other public locations, there are always risks involved. A community center is no exception, although there is often a personal sting when a tragedy occurs there.  Today we are going to look at a tragedy that happened right here in our city, in Yonkers, New York. Sadly, at this Jewish community center, 12 individuals lost their lives.

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