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Community centers play such a vital role in our city. Neighborhoods use these buildings as gathering places and places of education, and they serve the communities on many levels. However, as in any other public locations, there are always risks involved. A community center is no exception, although there is often a personal sting when a tragedy occurs there.  Today we are going to look at a tragedy that happened right here in our city, in Yonkers, New York. Sadly, at this Jewish community center, 12 individuals lost their lives.

When we think about all the ways a fire can start, almost anything can provide the right combination for a dangerous outbreak. We usually first think of the more ‘typical’ fire starters: unattended candles, carelessly tossed cigarettes, faulty electric panels, and outlets. But the truth is that fires can ignite from unlikely sources, and it’s best to have protective measures in place, just in case. One of the ‘fire starters’ that is somewhat off the grid but can wreak havoc is lightning.

If there's one tragedy that has occurred in our recent history that captured the attention of the whole world, it would be the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was on April 15, 2019, that an unfortunate chain of events contributed to this architectural catastrophe. As the world watched this amazing structure go up in flames, our collective hearts broke. Thankfully, no deaths occurred from this fire, but the loss was monumental. As we look at this fire, we can learn some lessons from the events that contributed to it.

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