About Manhattan Flameproofing

flameproofing consulting and service for fabrics, drapes, and decorative materials in New York City

Family owned company providing personalized Flameproofing Service

A family business since 1968, Manhattan Flameproofing specializes in helping business establishments keep their clientele safe. As flameproofing is our sole business, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients by offering them safety consulting and quality service. Our professional staff is happy to respond to your needs in a time-sensitive manner. Manhattan Flameproofing is a fully insured business, and we hold a Certificate of Fitness from the Fire Department of NY, which gives us the ability to perform applications of fire retardant as well as furnish flameproofing affidavits.

Resolving Manhattan Flameproof violations

Manhattan Flameproofing specializes in helping business owners rectify violations due to the absence of flame retardants on building materials. Additionally, we aide clients in securing their needed Certificates of Occupancy by satisfying required codes from the Health, Fire, and Building Departments.

Manhattan Flameproofing is a proud member of the Fire Safety Director’s Association as well as the Hotel Association of NYC. As such, we have expansive expertise in Flameproofing Certification and the application of Fire Retardants.

If you would like to discuss how Manhattan Flameproofing can help your business establishment, please call (800) 590-5530 to make an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate.